Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I earn on Rewardias ?

Members can earn for various activities including watching videos, completing surveys, shopping online, playing games, signing up for offers, and more.

2. How can I take part in your referral program?

Upon joining our program you will receive a unique referral link that you can send to your friends. When they click on your referral link and join Surveys Email they will be placed in your referral group. To view your referral link and banners simply click the "Refer Friends" link after you login.

3. Can I sign up for the same offers more than once?

Most larger offers can only be completed once. Smaller offers for watching videos, viewing slideshows, or printing coupons usually may be completed daily. Performing searches, visiting websites, playing games can be completed daily.

4. Do I have to use the same email for offers or shopping as my email on file with Rewardias ?

No, members may use any email address they wish, and it does not have to match the email on file with Rewardias

5. How and when will I be paid?

Member commissions shall be paid by PayPal, Webmoney, Payeer, Perfect Moneey. Payments are processed within three (3) business days upon request, however your first time payment is processed on a net-10 basis. This means that your first payment will be processed 10 days from the end of the month in which you requested payment. This waiting period is necessary in order to prevent online fraud. Member commissions must exceed $5.00 in order to receive payment. Commissions earned during any month less than $5.00 will be carried over into the following month.

6. Is there any type of cost associated with being a member?

There is absolutely no cost to join. We pay you!

7. Does Surveys Email pay internationally?

Absolutely! Our program is available internationally, however payments will only be made in US currency.

8. Can I sign up more than once?

No, each member is only allowed to sign up once. Note that only one member in the same household is allowed to sign up. Members who make multiple sign ups with the same or similar name or address will not be paid and their accounts will be terminated.

9. What if I still have questions?

We understand that questions arise from time to time that have not been covered under this section. Simply, contact us after carefully reading the above points. They cover most questions.